121218 草坪种植者 Turf Grower

    121218: 草坪种植者 TURF GROWER SKILL LEVEL 1


    MLTSSL Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List 234999 NOT included in SOL list
    Short-term Skilled Occupation List
    234999 NOT included in SOL list
    Assessing Authority:     VETASSESS
    GENERAL SKILLED VISA 189               无资格
    State Capital Visa subclass 190 Visa subclass 491
    ACT Australian Capital Territory Canberra    
    NSW New South Wales Sydney    
    NT Northern Territory Darwin                   
    QLD Queensland Brisbane          
    SA South Australia Adelaide    
    TAS Tasmania Hobart              
    VIC Victoria Melbourne             
    WA Western Australia Perth    


    Yes :“有资格” Occupation may be Eligible

    Yes:“补充技术清单”或“特殊情况适用”的职业  Occupation in the "Supplementary Skilled List" or "Special Conditions Apply"